Dec 11

VMware KB: BIOS UUID duplication in virtual machines created from a vApp template breaks some third-party solutions

VMware KB: BIOS UUID duplication in virtual machines created from a vApp template breaks some third-party solutions.

Dec 11

Fix drag and drop not working in Windows 8.1 Pro

In my company a new tablet is being introduced and I was tasked to package. So far so good, all working after a day or so. Using it, I realized, that I was not able to drag-and-drop. Neither in Windows Explorer, nor in Outlook. Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V still work. no error message, nothing. A reboot temporarily solves this, but there has to be an easier way.

So how can I resolve the problem?

Fix Drag and Drop Not Working in Windows 8 Pro
– This is a common problem in Windows XP/7/8 explorer.
– In File Explorer, use the left mouse button to select a file and also keep the button held down. Then smiply press Esc Key once from your keyboard and release it. It will re-enable the drag and drop function automatically.
– If the ESC solution still can’t fix the issues, try hitting both other keys several times, such as Ctrl, Alt, or Windows buttons.

It actually works for me.

Dec 11

Synology NAS and secure domain authentication (SASL)

You’ve also experienced this: your domain controller is telling you every day that a sum of clients have tried to authenticate without encryption?


SSH into the synology box, using the admin credentials.
Edit the file: /usr/syno/etc/smb.conf using your favorite editor.

Under the [global] section add these two lines.

Code: Select all
   ldap ssl=start tls
   ldap ssl ads=yes

Restart samba

Code: Select all
/usr/syno/etc/rc.sysv/ restart

Log in with kerberous, using the command
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kinit -V a_domain_admin_username

Replace “a_domain_admin_username” with a username on the domain, that have admin level access. It should ask you for the password.

Make sure it worked

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wbinfo -u

Please Synology add a GUI option for the “ldap ssl ads=yes”. The lack of SSL is a security risk and gives big warnings on Windows Server 2012.


Dec 11

Fix Outlook 2010/2013 does not display HTML emails correctly. Images are shown with a red cross.

you may have come along this as well, that Outlook 2010 and later will out of the sudden not display your images any more in HTML based emails. instead a placeholder with a red cross is display.

Well, stop searching around in Outlook. This is not your source of the problem. It’s Internet Explorer. IE is being used for showing HTML content in Outlook. Rendering happens in the background.

Here’s how to fix your issue:

Open IE.

then goto Tools – Internet Options

Open the Advanced Tab:



Advanced - INternet Options


Click the Reset button at the bottom:

Reset IE advanced


be sure to select the “Delete personal settings” as well.

Finally restart Outlook and your emails should be showing correctly again.


Jan 03

Want to race the Porsche Series “50 years of 911″ in Real Racing 3?

there’s a racing code, that let’s you unlock the series and the first car (911 Carrera RS 2.7 1972).

– click the cog icon in the lower left corner and click the second showing cog icon as well.

– hit the “enter racing code” button and enter the following:

50 years of 911


SET. this will unlock you the series and the 1st car. all more is up to your racing skills.


Jan 03

Stuck in Real Racing 3 and need some gold? if you’re playing on iOS, you’re lucky…

that’s something I needed to share with you all. if you’re playing RR3 on iOS and want to make some extra money, here’s how:


there’s a minimal bug, that let’s you replay the last TimeTrial of a series, that you’ve finished already.

first of all:

– disconnect from iOS GameCenter temporarily. Open your devices settings menu and look for GameCenter. open it and select the “SignOut”.

– Next, disconnect from any social network in RR3. to do so, click the cog icon in the lower left corner in RR3. and click the second cog icon again. there, logout from FB, G+ and Weibo.

– now open a series you’ve already fully raced (100%) and select the last TimeTrial race. Race it and click the continues at the end. the Series will be shown as completed again and you gain about 2000-3000 R$ and 2-3 Gold. depends on the series.

this is a bug and not a cheat in my eyes. as long as it’s not fixed, this does not really harm to anyone playing fair. I’m not a cheater and will never be. if you don’t have the balls and patience to race fairly, do this wherever you like, but be so fair to everyone to exclude the weekly time trial championship, as well as the OnlineRaces.



May 06

Howto – Installing Windows 8 Upgrade without installing a previous OS before.

You were one of the lucky one’s that also used the introduction offer from MS to buy Windows 8 Pro for a much cheaper upgrade price? But you’re also not wanting to install another previous OS first, but do a clean install of Windows 8.

Here’s the point: installation will work. however you may not be able to activate and use the Windows 8 Pro installation, unless you follow the instructions of this guide.

with the Download Version you’ve gotten a Installation assistant offering you to take care of the upgrade. the assistant will install Windows 8 over the existing OS. you better like the idea of a fresh clean install as I do, then you have at the end of the assistant to choose the “create DVD” or “create USB stick” option.

You can burn the ISO image to DVD and use it for the installation straight away. if you more like the USB stick option, you’re to have a USB stick with 4 GB of space.

Booting your computer from this DVD or USB stick will allow you to install Windows 8. While the setup, different to Windows 7 you must put in the UpgradeKey you acquired with your purchase, which the setup will accept with no complaints.

But after the installation has finished and you like to activate your Windows 8, it’ll decline the activation. So you’d only be able to use your install for the grace period of 30 days. Sure, after this you could rearm your Windows 8 grace period, but only up until 180 days. You really want to install Windows 8 then again?

Here’s the tweak: you have to create a registry key, that’ll allow you the activation.

  1. open “regedit”.
  2. browse to the key “HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup\OOBE\MediaBootInstall” and double click it.
  3. change the value from “1” to “0”. Accept the change by clicking “OK”
  4. now goto “Control Panel – System and Security – System” an.
  5. you’re now able to successfully activate your Windows 8 version.

one last thing: to be license compliant, you still have to have the earlier Windows version at hand!

Software piracy kills jobs in companies, like I work at.



Apr 15

VMware KB: Powering off an unresponsive virtual machine on an ESX host

Interesting article on how to stop an unresponsive VM.

this happened to me, when one of my users came to me, telling me, that her undeployment in LabManager 4 would never finish. Looking at the ESX host itself, I see the “Power down virtual machine” task hanging at 95%. used the vm-support script to kill it, as it did allow hard stop command before.

VMware KB: Powering off an unresponsive virtual machine on an ESX host.

Jan 18

Cannot join vCenter Server appliance to ActiveDirectory

Hi there,

having configured a vCSA, I’ve been struggling to add it to my sub-domain. as it turned out, you need to login to the appliance directly (root/vmware) and run the following command:

/opt/likewise/bin/domainjoin-cli join <domain> <domainadmin>

you’ll be prompted to deliver the password necessary for the account. also the <domainadmin> does not need to be in the “domain admins” group. the account just needs rights to join computers to the domain.


Jan 17

Pebble first start instructions coming online

Here you can find the first info for the Pebble to connect to your phone:



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