Fix drag and drop not working in Windows 8.1 Pro

In my company a new tablet is being introduced and I was tasked to package. So far so good, all working after a day or so. Using it, I realized, that I was not able to drag-and-drop. Neither in Windows Explorer, nor in Outlook. Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V still work. no error message, nothing. A reboot temporarily solves this, but there has to be an easier way.

So how can I resolve the problem?

Fix Drag and Drop Not Working in Windows 8 Pro
– This is a common problem in Windows XP/7/8 explorer.
– In File Explorer, use the left mouse button to select a file and also keep the button held down. Then smiply press Esc Key once from your keyboard and release it. It will re-enable the drag and drop function automatically.
– If the ESC solution still can’t fix the issues, try hitting both other keys several times, such as Ctrl, Alt, or Windows buttons.

It actually works for me.