Bitdefender on Windows 10. Cannot browse internet after KB3081424

Good morning.
I’ve had this morning to find out that my new installed Computer with Windows 10 Pro is no more browsing the Internet.
no Connection with EDGE, Firefox and also Skype not working. for those who know skype, it’s quite robust and does use it’s own DNS Servers for Server lookups.

Checking in Network Center, it show’s Internet being connected.
OK. what is this then about???

luckily with a Tablet being able to determine it’s not my router. Business laptop with Windows 10 also works.

difference between both? The Virusscanner more or less. While Business is on Sophos, my private uses Bitdefender.

checked the Internet and found in bitdefender Forum someone else having this issue.
after uninstallation of the AV, it worked again for them.

I have Bitdefender Total Security 2015 installed
Disabled the AV module – no luck
disabled the Internet security – no luck
disabled weakness detection – no luck.
Firewall? – LUCKY

it turned out to be the Firewall which was causing the issue. As I don’t Need to protect myself against internal attacks, I’ve for now disabled the Firewall.

Bitdefender certainly will Need to provide a patch for this soonest. question is only if they can roll it out without issues, as they may hinder themselves to Access the Internet. 🙂

If you have the issue as well, try out to disable the Firewall for now.

Cheers Ralph