Stuck in Real Racing 3 and need some gold? if you’re playing on iOS, you’re lucky…

that’s something I needed to share with you all. if you’re playing RR3 on iOS and want to make some extra money, here’s how:


there’s a minimal bug, that let’s you replay the last TimeTrial of a series, that you’ve finished already.

first of all:

– disconnect from iOS GameCenter temporarily. Open your devices settings menu and look for GameCenter. open it and select the “SignOut”.

– Next, disconnect from any social network in RR3. to do so, click the cog icon in the lower left corner in RR3. and click the second cog icon again. there, logout from FB, G+ and Weibo.

– now open a series you’ve already fully raced (100%) and select the last TimeTrial race. Race it and click the continues at the end. the Series will be shown as completed again and you gain about 2000-3000 R$ and 2-3 Gold. depends on the series.

this is a bug and not a cheat in my eyes. as long as it’s not fixed, this does not really harm to anyone playing fair. I’m not a cheater and will never be. if you don’t have the balls and patience to race fairly, do this wherever you like, but be so fair to everyone to exclude the weekly time trial championship, as well as the OnlineRaces.